The Sweetest Pet Adoption Stories

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    The Cutest Cat Adoption Tales Ever

    cat cuddling owner
    Cat Cuddling Owner

    As every cat owner knows, adopting a new furry friend is a special and unforgettable experience. Though accidents, rough introductions with other pets, and confusion may sometimes ensue once you bring your new cat home, it's all worth it in the end.

    If you're considering adopting or rescuing a cat, prepare to be inspired (and maybe to cry a little bit) by how a handful of lucky cats found their fur-ever home.

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    Bonded for Life

    Clementine & Salty cats
    Clementine & Salty Cats


    Clementine and Salty


    8 Months Old


    Shorthair (Gray Tuxedos)

    The Adoption

    One cat owner's world was flipped when she saw Clementine and Salty on the Bushwick Street Cat's Instagram page.

    The organization practices TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) in Bushwick and helps independent rescuers find homes for their rescuees. Our kittens—a super bonded pair—were found on Far Rockaway Beach when they were just a few weeks old. They (and the rest of their litter) were pretty sick, so they had a hard time being adopted out. We went to meet them in March, and they were sweet as can be and so attached to each other, so we brought them home just a few days later.

    Taking Clementine and Salty Home

    For the first 24 hours, the kittens hid in a four-inch gap under our bathroom vanity. We would check on them every hour to make sure they were ok, but it was clear they weren't ready to be social. On day two, when we went to check on them, we realized only one kitten was under the sink and there was no sign of her sister. Finally, we realized that our bathroom vanity has a super small hole around where the sink pipe comes out and somehow, the cat managed to climb up in there and into the vanity drawer. When she did finally come out, we plastered the bottom of the vanity with duct tape to ensure she'd never get back in there!

    — Chelsea S., Brooklyn, NY

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    I Pick You

    Taz the cat
    Taz The Cat




    11 Years Old


    Domestic Shorthair

    The Adoption

    Brittany C. found Taz after he strayed from home, and he made sure she knew that he chose her to be his cat mom.

    I found him after he had wandered away from his litter. I searched all over for the mom or signs of other kittens and there were none. I decided to take him in after he climbed my leg and sat on my shoulder purring. He picked me, and I couldn’t say no.

    Taking Taz Home

    After I brought him home, I let him loose in my room to get aquatinted with his new surroundings. As soon as he touched the carpet, he zoomed around in circles like the Tasmanian Devil from Road Runner. He immediately was given the name Taz.

    — Brittany C., Oklahoma

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    Love at First Sight

    Luna cat rescue
    Luna Cat Rescue




    5 1/2 Years Old


    Tabby/Siamese Mix

    The Adoption

    The moment Laura G saw Luna, she knew she was the one.

    It was the week before Christmas, and even though I got to the humane society about 15 minutes after they opened, there was already a three-hour wait! And if you left, you lost your place in line, so I stayed. Luna, or Sophia as her original name was, was actually the last cat I looked at. At the humane society, because they have so many cats, you can only look at three. The first two weren’t a good match, but then I saw Luna, and I knew it was a match made in kitty heaven.

    Taking Luna Home

    The first day I brought Luna home, she didn’t cry at all on the car ride home, or once we got home. She was super curious, and wanted to explore. Since I already had a kitty at home, I tried to keep Luna secluded in the bedroom, but she had other ideas! As soon as my husband opened the bedroom door, she went dashing out! She went right up to Ciara, my other cat, and nose kissed her. There was some hissing and swatting the first few hours, but by the end of the day, they were kitty sisters.

    — Laura G., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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    She Passed the Test

    Duchess the cat
    Duchess The Cat




    10 Years Old



    The Adoption

    Torr C. knew she was in the presence of royalty when she found her Duchess.

    The adoption center had a number of cats that had been rescued from a laboratory and used for animal testing. Duchess, or Abbey as she was called at the time, came straight up and put her paws on the glass at me. This happened as I was being told that she was standoffish and had swatted people who stuck their hands in her cage. I asked for her cage to be opened and she came straight up to me. I gave her pets and a cuddle. It was clear that she was the one, and that she had picked me.

    Taking Duchess Home

    She meowed the whole ride home, but then once she got into the house she started to purr and saunter from room to room having a good sniff. She was very intrigued by the stairs and got her top half a few steps up before moving her bottom half. She was so pleased when she made it to the top. The first toy I gave her was a stick that had feathers and a bell. She loves to chase it and carry it about the house. It was great, other than the fact that when she took to jingling it beside your head in the middle of the night. She learned very quickly that it was a good way to get attention. Two years later and it is still her favorite toy.

    — Torr C., Belfast, Northern Ireland

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    The Perfect Pair

    frazier and niles cats
    Frazier And Niles Cats


    Frasier (Fazie) and Niles


    2 1/2 Years Old


    Domestic Shorthair

    The Adoption

    Jess K. and her husband found their perfect match.

    My husband and I went in to Bide a Wee (where I got my childhood cats) for a pair of male cats from the same litter. We picked out their names beforehand — Frasier and Niles — so we knew we wanted brothers. First, we went into the newborn kitten room and played with those little guys for a bit, then realized we didn't have enough time at home during the week to raise baby kittens. Then we went into the older kitten room (3+ months old) and Frasier and Niles were right there looking grumpy and lonely. They told us the two were brothers from the same litter, and best of all, Frasier looked just like my husband's childhood cat and Niles looked just like mine. We left with them that day!

    Taking Frasier and Niles Home

    Turns out Frasier was a girl, (you'd think they'd know that at the shelter, but I think they were just very eager to foist the little scamps off on us) so we re-named her Fazie, except when she's in trouble, then she's Frasier. Fazie immediately bolted out of the kitty carrier and into the one nook in the apartment we couldn't get into: through a crack between the kitchen cabinet and counter and behind the stove. We opened a can of food, and put it in front of a fan to blow the scent into the crawlspace. Out she came, and we boarded up the crawlspace as she and her brother went to town on some mixed giblets. No sleep that night: The cats kept jumping on the bed, thwacking each other around, then running off. They were best friends from the get-go, and to this very day. They have some epic cuddles we are not always invited to.

    —Jess K., Manhattan, New York

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