What is pretty cat litter

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Bag of Pretty Litter cat litter
Pretty Litter Can Aid In The Detection Of Changes In Your Cat's Health.

Cat litter is a necessary supply for any indoor cat owner and there are a plethora of options to choose from. Cat litter gives a cat a designated place to urinate and defecate as well as bury its waste and that used to be all that this common pet supply was used for. Pretty Litter offers a new use for cat litter with its potential health monitoring benefits alongside the traditional cat litter function in an appealing form.

What is Pretty Litter?

Pretty Litter is a cat litter that not only absorbs urine and allows a cat to bury its feces but it can also alert cat owners to potential health problems in their cats. Pretty Litter is a white, silica based litter which absorbs urine. In addition to being an absorbent silica litter, it utilizes a patented formulation of indicators that cause it to change colors when the pH of the urine is altered or blood is present in the urine. It is lightweight, non-clumping, and dust-free as well as extremely absorbent.

How Does Pretty Litter Work?

Pretty Litter works by absorbing cat urine into its dry silica litter. The silica litter doesn't clump and instead captures all the urine while allowing the water portion of it to evaporate into the air. This locks in the odor and allows the special indicators to change the color of the litter to yellow, orange, green, blue, or red. The color of the litter after a cat has urinated in it is just one of the things that makes Pretty Litter special so it's important to know what it means.

short-fur gray cat lying on box
short-fur gray cat lying on box
  • Dark Yellow to Olive Green: Normal cat urine will change the silica from white to yellow or even an olive green color.
  • Orange: If cat urine becomes too acidic then it will change the silica from white to orange. This may be an indication of calcium oxalate crystals or stones that can cause blockages in the urinary tract.
  • Blue to Dark Green: If cat urine becomes too alkaline then it will change the silica from white to blue or dark green. This could mean that there is a urinary tract infection.
  • Red: Blood should not be present in cat urine but if it is it will change the silica from white to red. The presence of blood can indicate a variety of things including kidney disease, bladder stones, and other issues.

Once a cat has urinated in the litter the color will change. Temporary color changes may occur in healthy cats due to dietary changes or stress. Stirring the litter will avoid saturation of the same silica repeatedly and will ensure Pretty Litter is able to work as best as possible each time it is used. Feces should be scooped out and disposed of daily.

Pretty Litter demonstration
Pretty Litter Demonstration

Pros and Cons of Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter was tested in a home setting with multiple cats. Multiple litter boxes were available within the house and one of them contained the appropriate amount of Pretty Litter per the manufacturer's recommendations.

  • Pros: The cats preferred to urinate in Pretty Litter over their usual clay litter and the odor control was excellent. The only color change observed was from white to yellow/orange which was not surprising since the cats that were urinating in the Pretty Litter were all healthy. No other color changes were observed since no cats with urinary concerns were available for testing. The litter did not clump but the urine puddle would absorb into the silica or could simply be stirred in to encourage absorption and prepare the litter for the next urination. Pretty Litter is also fragrance-free.
  • Cons: A downside to the very lightweight litter would be how easily this litter could get tracked outside of the litter box. Cats with large or especially furry paws may be more likely to get this litter between their toes and carry it out of the box through the rest of the house. A litter mat helps but Pretty Litter was still found throughout the house since both cats had very furry paws that seemed to grab hold of this litter. Not every cat may do the same, though.
shallow focus photo of silver tabby kitten beside window
shallow focus photo of silver tabby kitten beside window
brown tabby cat macro photography
brown tabby cat macro photography

Overall, the litter is great for controlling odor, enticing cats to use the litter box, and providing another tool to help cat owners monitor the health of their cats. It is also delivered straight to the cat owner's home and is very lightweight which makes the chore of changing a litter box much easier.

Disclaimer: Pretty Litter provided courtesy product samples for the use of this review.