Beautiful and intelligent Bengal cat

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Bengal Cats Have an Interesting

Bengals are truly beautiful and intelligent cats. The high energy and willingness to learn and explore that these cats have. I had a chance to rescue a pair of Servals and a wonderful F-1 Savannah kitty. They loved to go for car rides and the beach was a blast to. They really are smart so build lots of fancy jungle Jim's and climbing spots for them to play on when your not their. They love jumping and climbing all over. Good food is very important for healthy bones, Bengals like climbing, tin foil, playing fetch, cat tree fun, sleeping in weird places, knocking things over, meowing at 3am, etc.

Bengal Cats Are Known for Their Distinct Appearance

Bengal cat, and she's a great cat! She also like water! She likes to either be on the edge of the tub when I shower, or IN the tub. She will come running from clear across the house if she hears water running, and apparently most bengals are this way. My cat is a lap cat and loves her affection. If I'm on my phone and not paying enough attention to her, she gets jealous and tries to get in front of my phone so I can't see it. But then there are times when she wants to be left alone, and doesn't wan + t to be pet or bothered. She is extremely active. She's always running around, darting back and forth across the house, and so curious about EVERYTHING- to the point that it gets her in trouble ... A lot. I fight with her constantly about getting into food. She has learned how to open my cabinets at night and likes to dig in the bread and anything else that comes in a plastic bag. Drives me crazy! But overall, I love her to pieces! She gets along great with my other cat and is a great addition to the family

Bengal is a non stop ball of activity. They are the fastest cats you have ever seen. Mine scales a large tree in two to three seconds. They are a lot of fun

Bengal Cats Are Very Active

Bengal, Beautiful blue eyes, and extremely loving, whilst being very adventurous. Always wanting you to throw things for him to chase. Pegs, hairbands, balls, anything. We still have his sister now and she will sit on anyone, she greets the postwoman everyday, rolling around on the grass to get her belly rubbed. Absolutely lovely breed, even mine who were from a family and not breeder, meant they were less crazy than most. Our other bengal was more crazy, launching himself at the hoover every time it was turned on. Crazzy kitties

These Beautiful Bengal Cats Are Incredibly Intelligent

Bengals and they are wonderful pets! One is a early generation, the other a later one. They are not wild animals, but just more rambunctious and intelligent than your regular tabby. I have a traditional brown girl with sparkling fur and rosetted on her soft fur and a silver Bengal. The silver girl is a younger generation, thus is more timid, and does not like change and is afraid of strangers. Nayalla, is more open and friendly as well as vocal. She will demand her food, wake you up to play, let you know when she is in a bad mood, or just bored. They get along with my other rescue cats, they eat high grade cat food, they use their litter box, neither of them have IBS or any major behavioral or genetic issues. They are regular cats, just more active and a bit more naughty. Though they understand when they are being naughty.

Living with Bengal Cats

Animal Rights Sanctuaries and groups that use propaganda and opinions to promote bans, which in essence will have 1-3 generations mass killed or put into sancuaries are ridicules. These are beloved pets, and like any breed, there are irresponsible owners. Why should responsible owners be held accountable for the actions of people that choose not to educate themselves about these cats? In that thinking, pit bulls should be exstinct because they are the most abused dog, and banned. What about the owners that love them? Would any true animal lover support a ban that did not grandfather in the pitbull? So why would you, as a animal lover support a ban that robs responsible owners of their early generation cats? AR people have gone crazy with their demands and need to get out of hybrid owner's business. You want to help animals? Promote laws that punish puppy and kitten mills, dog fighting, and forces animal control agency to hold animals longer. Volunteer at a shelter. Stop trying to take away our fur babies!