What does it mean when a cat eats grass

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Why do cats eat grass?
Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

Cats seem to enjoy eating grass, and there's no absolute answer to why. Your kitty is an obligate carnivore—that means she requires meat to survive and does not rely on vegetables or fruit in the diet. But some kitties never read the definition, and they occasionally eat grass, flowers or other surprising things.

Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

Wild cats eat more than just the flesh of critters. There's not much on a mousy drumstick, and the partially digested plant or grain material in a victim's tummy offers nutrients that cats readily use.

Other Possible Reasons

There's some speculation that eating grass provides trace elements of vitamins that cats instinctively seek. It may also help provide fiber to move out hairballs or act as an emetic to clean kitty out from the other direction.

More likely, though, cats just like the way some grass tastes. They're choosy and nibble the tips of a few blades, or selectively pluck rose petals. Be sure that any plants you offer are not toxic. Wheatgrass often is a big hit, and fresh catnip is a lovely feline treat.