15 Sweet Cat Names from Movies to Inspire You

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Cat meow
Cat Meow

When you bring home a newly adopted cat or a kitten, it can be an overwhelming time. You are trying to settle your cat into a new environment and routine, you may be working on introducing them to other pets, and you could be trying to help them master litter training. Trying to come up with a name for your kitty that everyone in the household can agree on can be a challenge.

Sometimes you can get inspiration from cat names in movies. Maybe it is a character you love or one that looks or acts like your cat?

We have pulled together a list of influential cats from the movies that may help you make a decision or spark the imagination.

orange tabby cat near plant
orange tabby cat near plant


Do you have a fluffy cat with a lion-like mane? Maybe your cat is gentle, brave, noble and regal? If they are, then selecting the name of the recurring character from the Chronicles of Narnia book and movie series could be a fitting choice. Aslan is actually the Turkish name for Lion, so if you have a male Turkish Van or Turkish Angora, it could be a great match too.

Azrael (Gargamel's Cat in the Smurfs)

Do you have a wily, intelligent and slightly rogueish cat that is always getting up to mischief? Maybe they would suit being named after the cat sidekick of Gargamel, the Villian in the Smurfs cartoons and movies. If your cat is a Ginger Tabby, then it is even more apt, as this is the type of cat used in the movie.


Bagheera, the black panther, is a well known and much-beloved character from the Jungle Book movies and book. This character is known for being loyal, resourceful, clever and wise. He was a mentor and close friend for young Mowgli.

orange tabby cat on blue chair
orange tabby cat on blue chair


If you are a cat lover and haven't heard about Bob the Cat, you must have been living under a rock!

His inspirational story was the subject of three best-selling books and a recent movie called a Street Cat Named Bob.

Bob was found as a stray, and he went on to help his owner, James, overcome homelessness and addiction. Bob even played himself for most scenes in the movie.

brown cat on brown wooden surface
brown cat on brown wooden surface

If you have a ginger cat that is faithfully devoted and likes to follow you around wherever you go, then it could be a fitting tribute to name them Bob.


If you have a quirky cat, one with cross-eyes, or one that is just a big gentle giant, then why not consider the name Clarence. You will be honoring the character that features in the silly but entertaining 1960s movie Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion.


This may be an obvious one for all the young Harry Potter fans out there, but it could be a perfect choice for a clever, playful and affectionate cat. He may also have a bit of a grumpy streak if he doesn't get what he wants. In the movies, Hermione's cat was played by a ginger Persian.

Ginger Persian Cat on seat
Ginger Persian Cat On Seat


If you have a sneaky and manipulative kitty that wants to be the centre of attention all the time, then naming them after the Persian cat in the movie Babe may be an inspired idea. She is mean to Babe the Pig, spoilt by her owner Mrs Hoggett and likes to get her own way.

orange cat sitting on glass window
orange cat sitting on glass window

Conversely, she is also the kind and gentle mother in the Disney movie The Aristocats.


If you are a fan of wildlife conservation, then you will no doubt know the name of Elsa the Lioness and the work of the Adamsons and the Born Free Foundation. The 1960s critically acclaimed movie Born Free was based on the book by Joy Adamson all about their efforts to raise Elsa and release her back into the wild.

Figaro (Pinnochio)

Figaro, the black and white cat companion of Pinnochio, was Walt Disney's favorite character in the movie. This meant he went on to feature in a number of other Disney productions.

white and gray cat
white and gray cat

He may be a little spoilt and immature, but, underneath it all, he is loving and warm-hearted.


If you want to be subversive and political with your cat's name, you couldn't get much more so than the name Fritz. This cat gained famed in the 1970s. Fritz the Cat was the first animated movie to gain an X-Rating and it gained notoriety for its controversial, offensive and often political content.


If you are a horror movie fan, you may already have toyed with naming your cat Jones or Jonesy as a homage to the ginger American Short-Hair cat to feature in the classic science fiction horror movie Alien.

grey cat beside child
grey cat beside child
white cat on brown soil
white cat on brown soil

Mr Bigglesworth

It may be a cliche, but if you have a Sphinx Cat and you are looking for a humorous name, why not consider Mr Bigglesworth. If you have seen the Austin Powers movies, you will know they are full of references to the Bond movies. Not least villain Dr Evil's Cat. Instead of being a fluffy white cat, as was used for the Bond villain Blofeld, the cat is the complete opposite—a bald Sphinx.


Yes, it is another lion inspired name but we couldn't miss out one of the characters from the Lion King in our list. Simba's childhood friend, and then partner, Nala provides a sweet name for a female kitty.


If you are looking for a more unusual name, why not consider Pyewacket. She is the Siamese cat that is the familiar assisting the witch Gillian in the 1950s movie Bell, Book and Candle.

Richard Parker (life of Pi)

If you have read the novel by Yann Martel or seen the movie Life of Pi, you will know all about Richard Parker the Bengal Tiger. We won't say too much, just in case you haven't read the book or watched the movie yet, but if you have an independent, regal, brave, powerful and thoughtful cat then it could be a good match.