What should I name my Persian cat

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Dark grey Persian cat on green rug
Dark Grey Persian Cat On Green Rug

Persian cats feature a striking look and remarkable beauty, giving you a lot of inspiration for the perfect Persian cat name. These felines are also known for being mild and friendly, making them popular pets. To name your Persian cat, think of your kitty’s color, size, and personality. With these factors in mind, peruse our list of top Persian cat names to find the one that is purr-fect for you!


Borrow a name from the movies for your Persian cat. Sassy from Homeward Bound is a Himalayan—which is a Persian cat with Siamese coloring.


Everyone knows that the lion is king of the jungle. If your Persian cat is the king of your house, then name him Simba.


For a Persian cat that is a soft brown color, consider naming him or her Sandy. And since these cats are thought to originate from the Middle East where sand is abundant, the name is especially fitting.


Diva is a popular Persian cat name, since this breed is known for their fluffy fur and fancy looks. Whether your cat is high-maintenance or not, this could be the purr-fect name.


High-fashion and high-style are synonymous with fashion icon Coco Chanel. If you want a stylish name for your Persian cat, name her Chanel after one of history’s most famous designers. Your coat’s gorgeous good looks are worthy of the name!


For a feminine name for your feline friend, choose Jasmine. A beautiful flower known for its fragrance, Jasmine is a perfect Perisan cat name.


An exotic-sounding name like Akira is a great choice for your Persian cat. This unique name will give your kitty an identity all her own and a name that is easy to pronounce but far from ordinary.

Gray Persian cat with green eyes
Gray Persian Cat With Green Eyes


Short for Cleopatra, Cleo makes a fitting name for a Persian cat name. This strong female figure from Egypt’s history was both beautiful and powerful. Your Persian kitty is likewise probably beautiful with great power over your heart!


Like the rumble of thunder, your Persian cat will have plenty of presence when he walks into the room. Thunder is a good option for a Persian cat name, though it’s also ironic since Persians are known to be a quiet cat breed.


Name your Persian cat for one of the tallest mountain peaks in the world, Everest. This name is especially a good option for Himalayan cats, since Everest is the most famous peak in the region.


If your Persian cat is the princess of your household, then give her this royal name.


A region in Ethiopia, Sheba is a strong female name for a Persian cat.


If you have a dainty white Persian cat, then Snowflake is a cute name. And, like all snowflakes, your cat is one-of-a-kind!

Close up of white Persian cat on couch
Close Up Of White Persian Cat On Couch


If you have a fluffy white Persian cat, Snowball might be a more apt name. Fuzzy and round in appearance, Snowball is a great name choice.


For coffee-lovers, a Persian cat with a brown coat might look a lot like the color of a latte—making it a great option for a name.


Sahara makes an exotic name for both male and female Persian cats. This vast desert is the backdrop for plenty of adventures, and life with your Persian cat is sure to be equally exciting.


If your Persian cat is your constant companion, name him or her Shadow. This Persian cat name also works well for cats with black or grey coat colors.

Grey tabby Persian cat sitting on shelf
Grey Tabby Persian Cat Sitting On Shelf


Many Persian cats have stunning green eyes. If this is true for your female feline, name her Ivy.


For cats that have an orange coat or eyes, like many Persians do, then Copper might be a good name for your cat.

Orange Tabby Persian Cat in Tree
Orange Tabby Persian Cat In Tree


Whether your Persian cat has bright eyes that shine like a gemstone or is just a gem in your life, this is a cute name for cats.


Jewel is another name you could also consider for your Persian cat. With eyes that shine like bright jewels, this name is a perfect fit for female cats.


For a male Persian cat name, consider Bleu. Some Persians have deep gray coats that are often described as ‘blue’ in color—making Bleu a great option for a name.