What's a good name for a black cat

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black cat on a porch
Black Cat On A Porch

Black cats have gotten a reputation for being bad luck, and they also have lowest adoption rates for all cats—and, sadly, the highest rate of euthanasia in shelters. Maybe it’s because of the superstitions, or that a darker coat isn’t as appealing to potential adopters as a lighter cat, but black cats are just as lovable as their more colorful counterparts.

If you’ve decided to open up your home to a black-haired cat, here’s some inspiration for what to name your new feline friend.


Because, really, what better name is there for a black cat?

brown tabby cat
brown tabby cat


A dark-colored cat can always be named Midnight, or similar nighttime-related monikers like Twilight, Shadow, Dusk, or Sunset also work well.


It may not be the most original idea—after all, it’s the name of the beloved cat from 1990s show Sabrina the Teenage Witch—but no list about names for black cats is complete without Salem, which will always be an innate nod to witches and a reference to all things spooky.


If you have a Harry Potter fan in your family, you can’t go wrong with naming your kitty after the movie’s black-haired witch. Another option is Snape (or even Severus), since both the character and your cat share a propensity for being covered in black.

cat hiding on gray rock
cat hiding on gray rock


Does your cat have a sweet side? Whether or not you like the taste of licorice, it can be an adorable name for a black cat. Be sure to also consider other candy-related names, like Chocolate, Hershey, or even Snickers. Or, for coffee-holics, there's always Espresso.

Kohl (or Kohlie)

Makeup lovers can consider a variation of Kohl for their kitty, as it's the ancient eye cosmetic worn by the Egyptians (and today remains a commonly-used eyeliner in the Middle East, Mediterranean, and South Asia), so it's a perfect name for your sleek and stylish four-legged friend.


A beautiful dark gemstone, Onyx is a gender-neutral name that’s perfect for black cats. Jade is another similar alternative.

brown tabby cat
brown tabby cat


The 1990's cult classic Hocus Pocus made the name Binx an incredibly popular choice for black cats. (You'll just have to hope that your cat doesn't starting talking to you.)


Not only is this name fitting for your cat’s dark fur, but it’s also appropriate for cats who are maybe a little more on the shy or mysterious side.


In folklore, ravens are often portrayed as cunning and intelligent, and it also makes a beautiful name for a black-haired cat.

grey kitten on blanket
grey kitten on blanket


The Black Magic Hollyhock is a tall, dark perennial that’s often used as a contrast to brighter-colored flowers in gardens, so Hollyhock can be a great fit for a dainty, female black cat.


If you happen to be of Scottish heritage, the Kellas is a large black cat found in Scotland that's believed to be a hybrid of the Scottish wildcat and domestic cat.

Hawthorne (or Nathaniel...or Nate...or Thorne)

If the name Salem just doesn't seem unique enough, you can still give your cat a name that references the witch trials; Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The House of Seven Gables is a quintessential book on the witch trials, and if you happen to be a literature major, you can't go wrong with taking inspiration from the famous author's name.

white and black cat sitting on basket
white and black cat sitting on basket
calico cat on gray textile
calico cat on gray textile


A short, adorable name, Ink (or Inky!) is an ideal name for a black cat, particularly if they happen to share their home with a writer or an artist.


Is anyone in your family a Star Wars fan? Vader (or Darth!) is the perfect name for a black cat--particularly one that seems to be on a mission to rule your house.

Okay, so you're bringing home a cat, not a bat...but you can't go wrong with a name that pays tribute to the courageous black-wearing superhero.