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    Cats Who Just Can't Even


    Love them or hate them, there’s one characteristic of cats that we all know to be true: They are the most judgy, finicky creatures in the animal kingdom. Have you done something embarrassing in front of your cat lately? Well, she remembers. And is still judging you.

    It should come as no surprise that cats experience moments of “I just literally can’t even right now” many, many times throughout the day. And those moments aren’t always caused by some stupid human’s actions. Having to move from a sunny spot, for example, can ruin a discerning kitty’s entire day.

    So, whether your doofus coworker is giving you an I can’t moment and you need to commiserate, or you just love how unforgivingly judgmental cats can be, check out these 10 cats who just cannot.

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    I Can’t: Get Out of Bed


    Do you ever wake up on a Monday morning (or any workday morning, really), stare at your alarm clock and wonder if getting out of bed is truly worth paying your bills and maybe having a little bit of expendable income? No, no, we don’t either.

    (Editor’s note: It’s really not worth it.)

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    I Can’t: With All This Exercise


    We’re all familiar with the many benefits of exercise: A leaner, toned physique, improved sleep and cognitive function, a strengthened immune system, the freedom to eat as many nachos as you please.

    But establishing a workout routine also means waking up early (or hitting the gym after a long day at work), dodging weirdos at the gym, sweating and chafing, and having to actually exert yourself… when all you really want to do is lie down on the floor and stare angrily at your workout equipment.

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    I Can’t: With All These Demands


    This is the face you make when someone nicely asks you to please stop knocking their belongings off their desk and stomping on their keyboard while they’re trying to work.

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    I Can’t: Stop Binge-Watching


    How many weekends have you spent binge-watching a television series? If you said zero, you’re a liar… or just missing out on one of the greatest joys in life. I insist you get on the couch ASAP.

    The sign of a good binge-watching session? When your face is imprinted from the couch’s upholstery and you fear the impressions will never go away. And maybe a couple of crumbs are scattered around you, too.

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    I Can’t: She Did WHAT?!


    Another one of life’s greatest joys—second only to lying on your couch with salty snacks for an entire weekend and crushing every episode of Sex and the City—is meeting your girlfriends for brunch and talking badly about literally every person you know, wide-eyed and aghast.

    If you’ve never gone out to brunch with girlfriends, here are some phrases that often dominate the conversation:

    • Girl, WHAT?!
    • I can’t with this girl right now.
    • More wine and home fries, please.
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    I Can’t: Listen Any Longer


    Sometimes, during a ridiculously long (and often, unnecessary) meeting at work or when someone is mansplaining something to me, I have the overwhelming urge to just put my head down. You, too?

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    I Can’t: Explain This One More Time


    Teaching your dad how to set up his new laptop; explaining why the sky is blue to a stubborn child; rationalizing why you’re still single to relatives at every single family gathering. There are certain topics you can only explain so many times before you. Just. Cannot. Anymore.

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    I Can’t: Wake Up for Church


    That feeling when you’re visiting your parents for a holiday and your mom barges into your room to wake you up to get ready for church and you just can’t because you’re an adult now. MOM!

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    I Can’t: With My Credit Card Statement


    This is an excellent (albeit, feline) representation of me looking at my credit card transactions after a really fun weekend. Not represented: Me frantically crunching numbers to figure out exactly how much money I’ll have left at the end of the month.

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    I Can’t: With This Conventional Food


    “If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times: I will only eat organic, non-GMO, no-sugar, no-dairy, no-gluten cat food produced by a lutist named Martin in Vermont!!! I cannot with this canned filth, Karen!”