Cute Cat Costumes For Halloween

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    Happy Halloween!

    An Albino Rabbit.

    Fun costumes. Scary movies. Candy corn (may or may not be a good thing, depending on who you talk to). There's a lot to love about Halloween. But the hands-down, absolute best part? Cats in Halloween costumes.

    Check out our 15 favorite Halloween costumes for cats. They're pawsitively hilarious.

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    Pizza Cat

    An Albino Rabbit.

    Did you hear that sound? It was the internet exploding because someone combined the internet’s two favorite topics: cats and pizza. Create your own internet phenomenon—and get all those sweet Insta likes—by DIYing this pizza cat costume. Simply cut brown, yellow, and red felt to the appropriate shapes and sizes, and hand-stitch or fabric glue the pieces together. Not very crafty? You can buy a pre-made pizza cat costume, too.

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    An Albino Rabbit.

    There’s nothing better than a good pun. But when the pun involves a cat? In a Halloween costume??? That’s some next level material. All you need to make this wonderfully punny avocato costume is a piece of poster board and green crayons, markers or non-toxic paint. Then, stick your cat’s head through the center and laugh forever.

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    Jon Snow Cat

    An Albino Rabbit.

    Hairy, brooding and mysterious all are adjectives that can be used to describe both Jon Snow, of Game of Thrones, and your cat. So, why not combine the two? Your cat already has the moody outlook on life; outfit him with a simple, black felt cape with an attached faux fur collar to match.

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    Punk Rock Cat

    Your cat is probably already pretty angsty, so dressing her up as a punk rocker for Halloween only makes sense. Cut a rectangular piece of fabric from some old jeans, cut out armholes and dig up an old patch from your punk rock high school days to transform her from house cat to mosh cat.

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    Doctor Cat

    An Albino Rabbit.

    Paging, Doctor Boots. Cats don’t have opposable thumbs, so in reality, they’d be terrible doctors. Plus, it looks like this guy would have some pretty bad bedside manner, too. But that doesn’t mean kitties can’t dress up as doctors for Halloween! If you’re crafty, you can make your own version with some cheap fabric, simple stitches and stuffing; if you’re not very crafty, you can buy this exact costume online.

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    Nyan Cat Cat

    An Albino Rabbit.

    Remember when Nyan Cat took over the internet back in 2011? Well, it's still funny–and even funnier when it's a real cat (although he may not agree). Cut cardboard and construction paper to the correct shapes and sizes, add multi-colored streamers and meow-meow-meow the day away.

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    Doctor Who Cat

    An Albino Rabbit.

    Doctor Who fanboys and fangirls, rejoice! Someone on the internet finally figured out how to transform a cat into Doctor Who–or should you say Docpurr Who? It may be tough to find duds small enough to fit your cat, but if you can, you're guaranteed to have the most clever (albeit, nerdiest) kitty Halloween costume on the block.

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    Lion Cat

    An Albino Rabbit.

    Let your cat get back to her roots by dressing her up as a super ferocious lion. It's incredibly easy to DIY a lion's mane with some faux fur trim, but you can order tons of options online, too.

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    Sushi Cat

    An Albino Rabbit.

    Sushi cat because cats allegedly love to eat fish—get it? Whether you make your own sushi cat costume with layers of different colored felt or buy it online, one thing’s for certain: The irony of this costume should not be lost on anyone.

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    Princess Leia Cat

    An Albino Rabbit.

    All you need is an old t-shirt, a super simple pattern,​ and a few stitches to dress up your cat as the most fearless, most badass princess on this side of the galaxy. Even if you’re not so crafty, this tutorial from 2 Cats & 1 Doll shows how easy it really is to make your kitty a pair of Princess Leia buns.

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    Darth Vader Cat

    An Albino Rabbit.

    Alternately, if your cat leans more towards the dark side, dressing up as the ultimate bad guy, Darth Vader, may be more her speed. Just don’t be surprised if she starts to mew, “I find the lack of kibble disturbing” right before every meal time.

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    Harry Potter Cat

    An Albino Rabbit.

    Purrrr-trificus Totalus! You don’t need a summoning charm to transform your cat into a tiny, feline Harry Potter. All you need is a baby’s sweater, some felt (for the collar and tie), a pipe cleaner shaped into a lightning rod and wire bent into glasses. It may take a bit of magic, however, to keep your cat still while you dress him.

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    Hipster Cat

    An Albino Rabbit.

    We know, we know, your cat liked dressing up for Halloween before it was cool. Why not celebrate her hipness by dressing her up in a quintessential hipster outfit? Grab a beanie, bandana and black-rimmed glasses to take her from the litter box to the L-train.

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    Bat Cat

    An Albino Rabbit.

    It doesn’t get any easier—or more adorable—than dressing up your cat as a bat for Halloween. You can buy pre-made bat wings online or simply cut them out from black construction paper, then attach to your cat’s collar with a black pipe cleaner.

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    Business Cat

    Sell, sell, sell! Your cat can't day trade, but in this tiny business getup, she'll wish she could. Just make a simple collar with cheap fabric or felt and top it off with plastic frames–that she'll probably only keep on for 30 seconds, but it's still cute!