How to Celebrate Your Cat's Birthday

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A cat coming out of a box
A Cat Coming Out Of A Box
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    Throw a Birthday Party

    A Cat Coming Out Of A Box

    Pet parents can be pretty extra when it comes to their cats' birthdays and adoption anniversaries. Not only do cats show unconditional love and affection (eh, sometimes), but according to science, they give owners the gift of better heart health. So it's time to show some appreciation. Throw your cat a party with floating balloons for entertainment. Sit back and watch your favorite furry family member go bonkers catching and popping all the balloons. Keep an eye on your kitty to make sure it's not scared by the bursting balloons.

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    Choose the Perfect Present

    A homemade cat toy
    A Homemade Cat Toy

    With an endless choice of available cat toys to buy, it should be easy to find, or even make, a brand-new birthday toy for your feline friend. Whether it likes active toys or something to cuddle up with, there's no better excuse than a birthday to add some new items to its already overflowing toy basket. If you're handy, make a new cat tree for a deluxe birthday gift.

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    Treat Your Cat to Catnip

    Cat enjoying catnip
    Cat Enjoying Catnip

    Celebrate happy hour with your cat by giving it catnip. Give your cat catnip in several ways, including toys, catnip bubbles, or fresh leaves. For an occasion as special as your cat's birthday, make a soft catnip toy with this free, simple pattern. If you've never given your cat catnip before, try sprinkling just a few dried leaves onto a toy or climbing tower and see how it responds.

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    Have a Portrait Taken

    Cat with a birthday party hat.
    Cat With A Birthday Party Hat.

    You've probably snapped plenty of selfies and random photos of your cat. Mark your cat's special day by having a more professional photograph taken of your cat with, and without, you and your family. You'll cherish having a crisp, clear professional photo of your cat over time. With a little research, you'll likely find a local pet photographer who can create this keepsake.

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    Create a Cake for Your Cat

    Cat looking at birthday cake
    Cat Looking At Birthday Cake

    A special birthday treat, like these quick no-bake fish cakes, will whet your cat's appetite. You just might want to take a bite out of one, too. You'll need some common pantry items and a cat that's ready to indulge.

    • Mix drained white albacore tuna, diced chicken, and pureed sweet potato in a large bowl. If your mixture is a little watery, add a teaspoon of rice flour to absorb excess liquids.
    • Use a small cookie cutter to create little round cakes from the mixture. If you'd like to add a topping of frosting, pipe mashed potatoes on top of the fish cakes.

    Remember, this treat is for a special occasion only. You should refrain from regularly feeding human food to your cat.

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    Pamper Your Cat

    Cat taking a nap on a bed.
    Cat Taking A Nap On A Bed.

    Quietly celebrate your cat's birthday with a little pampering. Take the time to give your cat an extra-long play session on its birthday. Treat your cat to a massage, which is especially helpful for a mature kitty. Ask your veterinarian if they know of a holistic pet masseuse who will make a house call. Or give your cat a new and extra-comfy bed as a birthday gift. There's nothing that a cat loves more than snuggling up in a soft bed for a long, delicious nap.

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    Go on an Adventure

    Cat on a leash outside.
    Cat On A Leash Outside.

    Does your indoor cat seem to hanker for the outdoors? Use your cat's birthday as a good excuse to try something new and go for a walk outside. Get a cat leash or harness that properly fits your feline. First, let your cat wander inside your home wearing the harness. Praise your cat constantly and be patient with your pet while it gets used to the harness. Slowly introduce your cat to the outdoors in a safe, enclosed area away from other animals. Then, go and explore with your mini-tiger.

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    Celebrate for a Good Cause

    Two cats sharing dinner together
    Two Cats Sharing Dinner Together

    Make your cat's birthday count by celebrating it for a good cause. Rather than buying new toys and treats for your cat, consider donating to a charity in its name. Check with local shelters to see their supply needs and ask your cat's favorite humans to come to a gathering with a donation of pet food, toys, or a blanket, for example. Use your cat's birthday to help raise awareness of animal causes on social media. Reach out to an animal cancer research fund or a GoFundMe page for a needy cat organization. The sky's the limit when it comes to finding deserving causes for cats.