Best Regal Dog Names

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dog wearing a crown
Dog Wearing A Crown

Are you an ardent Royalist, or do you just love royal history? Maybe you have a dog that you know will be spoilt rotten and will rule the household, so it makes sense for them to have a noble or royal name.

We have pulled together a list of potential regal dog names that will hopefully inspire you.


This is one of the most popular names for British Royals and, if you are a Royal fan, you will know about the enduring and tragic love story between Prince Albert and Queen Victoria. The name also means noble and bright. What's not to love about this one?


When thinking of great Kings, you can't get much more powerful and Influential than Alexander the Great. He ruled over Macedonia over 2000 years ago and is considered one of the most powerful rulers of the ancient world. Alex for a boy could be a great tribute to this leader that inspired devout loyalty in his followers, or you could opt for Lexie for a girl.

white and brown bulldog
white and brown bulldog


When considering royal names, we couldn't miss Cleopatra from our list. This ancient Egyptian Queen has become an icon in popular culture. Smart, powerful, and brave.


If you are looking for a more unusual name, why not consider Clovis? This is the name of the Warrior King of the Franks during the 5th century. This was the period when the Roman Empire was transformed into Europe.

The name means 'famous in battle'; perfect for a spunky little dog.


If you have young children in the household, selecting a Disney Princess character name will likely be popular.

woman and dog on seashore
woman and dog on seashore

Of course, one of the most popular of all the Disney Princesses is Elsa from the movie Frozen.

You could also consider Jasmine, Merida, Ariel or Belle.


As far as Roman leaders go, there were none more controversial, influential and famous than Augustus Caesar. Many leaders used the name Augustus during the Roman Empire, and it also means majestic and magnificent. Shortening it to Gus makes for a sweet name with some meaning.

Gus is also short for the name Angus, and this name was given to the King of the Scottish Picts in the 8th century.

white short-coat dog lying on black textile
white short-coat dog lying on black textile


When you think of great Queens, Queen Elizabeth I will, no doubt, come to many peoples minds. Associated with the Elizabethan Era, a golden age in English History, Elizabeth ruled during a time of male dominance and achieved relative peace and prosperity.

Calling your dog Elizabeth may be a bit too formal, but picking one of the shortened version of the name, like Libby could be a nice alternative. You could also opt for Beth, Lizzie, Eliza or Betty.

A Dachshund wearing a tiara
A Dachshund Wearing A Tiara


The name Matilda was popular in early regal lines. There is Matilda of Flanders who was married to William the Conqueror in the 11th century and also Empress Matilda (known as Empress Maud). She was the daughter of King Henry I of England, an influential leader and her claim to the throne sparked a civil war.

The name has German origins and means might or strength, and it can be shortened to Tillie, Tilda or Mattie.


This adorable name was the one given to the French Queen Marie Antoinette's much-beloved Pug.

black labrador retriever with red collar
black labrador retriever with red collar

The Queen was known to be a great lover of dogs and often providing her dogs with rather elaborate, and custom made little regal kennels for them to sleep in within the rooms of the Palace of Versailles.


If you have ever read about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, then you will know that Percival was one of Arthurs most loyal and innocent, and he became one of the Knights of the Holy Grail. A fitting name for a sweet, kind and gentle dog.


If you are looking to name your dog after a powerful, influential and respected leader you can't go wrong with Theodora (or Thea for short). Naming them after the Empress of Byzantium, the Eastern Roman Empire, in the 6th century. She came from humble beginnings working as a street performer and during her marriage to Emperor Justinian she was involved in increasing women's rights. She passed laws allowing women to divorce and rape became punishable by death. What a lady to name your dog after!


It is thought this name could be of Slavic origin and that it may mean Princess. It could be a shortening of Titania who was the Queen of the Fairies in the Shakespeare play A Midsummer Night's Dream.

short-coated white and tan puppy photography
short-coated white and tan puppy photography
selective focus photography of white and brown dog
selective focus photography of white and brown dog
grayscale photo of woman holding dog
grayscale photo of woman holding dog

It is another one that would work for families that love the Disney Princesses too. Tiana is the main character in the movie The Princess and the Frog.


Queen Victoria was known for her deep love of dogs. She was also known for influence on the early breeding of the modern-day Pomeranian. She had many Poms, but when she was dying, she asked for her favorite, Turi, to be brought to her bedside to comfort her. He was known for his loyalty and stayed by her side until her passing.

A Pomeranian with a little Crown over its ear
A Pomeranian With A Little Crown Over Its Ear


If you are looking for a more unusual name, why not consider Zemira, or Zemi for short.

Catherine the Great, the influential Russian Empress of the 18th century, was deeply devoted to her little Italian Greyhound named Zemira. The dog slept in a pink silk-lined cradle in her bedchambers and was buried in the Empresses dedicated pet cemetery.