Great Names for Big Dogs

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large dog smiling in the sun
Large Dog Smiling In The Sun

Big dogs need a name to match their size, strength, and personality. Known for being adventurous, outgoing, and maybe even rambunctious, pick a big dog name that will capture your furry friend’s persona in a single word.

Whether you’re looking for a cute, funny, or inspiring name for your pooch, we have you covered with this list of 19 top names for large dogs and puppies.

Max (Maximus)

If your big dog takes everything to the extreme, name him Max—or Maximus if you’re looking to supersize his name. Max is an all-time great name for big dogs and it will match his size and persona perfectly.


Moose are some of the largest animals roaming the forest and tundra, and your big dog might very well be the largest animal roaming your backyard. This name is perfect for large brown dogs that might resemble a moose at first glance, but it’s a cute name for any big dog.


Furry and large, your big dog might look like a bear. If you choose this name for your big dog, just be prepared to explain to your friends that you don’t actually have a bear on the loose when you call your dog from the other end of the house or yard.


Like an explosion, your big dog might make quite an impact in your life. Name him Boomer to represent his size and his presence. There’s also a good chance that your big dog has a big, booming bark—making this name even more fitting.


If your four-legged friend is built more like a tank than the typical canine, pick this name for him. His size and shape might make him tank-like, but we’ll bet that there’s a big heart inside.

Boy and his big dog sitting on the ground in backyard
Boy And His Big Dog Sitting On The Ground In Backyard


For a big dog, Bruiser is a fitting name. While your pooch might actually be all bark and no bite, Bruiser will give him the tough-dog persona to fit his large size.


Ready for anything and with plenty of fuel for whatever lies ahead, Diesel captures the incredible get-up-and-go that your big dog has.


If your dog possesses super strength, consider naming him Samson. This name comes from an epic story of a stronger-than-your-average man named Samson. Capable of amazing feats of strength, Samson is a fitting name for powerful big dogs.

St. Bernard large breed dog laying on wood floor in house
St. Bernard Large Breed Dog Laying On Wood Floor In House


Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or an avid hunter, the sight of a buck in the wild inspires awe. Tall and lanky with an incredible vertical, Buck can describe a young powerful deer or your four-legged friend.


If you want a name inspired by California’s impressive mountain range, select Sierra for your female big dog. Pretty and powerful all at once, Sierra makes a statement for your dog and captures the wild wonder of the West.


The highest mountain peak in North America is Denali. This majestic summit towers above the surrounding Alaskan landscape and makes an impact as a name for either your male or female giant breed dog.


Nothing is as big and wide as the open sky, and it’s also a great name for your big dog. This nature-lover’s name for a big dog is versatile enough for your girl or boy dog.


Borrow a title from British aristocracy to give your big dog a regal title. The honor of being a Duke outranks other honorific titles and is second only to the Monarch. This name gives your big dog an air of nobility that will match his big presence.


Meaning ‘reigning king,’ Rex is a fitting name if your big dog is king of the pack. It also is synonymous with the king of the dinosaurs, T-Rex. So whether you want a regal name or a prehistoric twist for your big dog, Rex is a great choice.


If you’re looking for a funny name for a big dog, go with an ironic option like ‘Tiny.’ Your friends will be surprised when you call Tiny from the other room and your four-legged giant appears. This name is also a good fit for big dogs that think they’re small and always want to sit on your lap or sleep in your bed!

Great Dane large breed dog standing over smaller dog outside
Great Dane Large Breed Dog Standing Over Smaller Dog Outside


A popular type of big truck, Mack is a great name for the big dog who goes anywhere and does anything. With plenty of power, these trucks adopted a bulldog as their mascot in the early days of the company. Whether your big dog is a bulldog or not, if he has a reputation for getting through anything in his way, then Mack is a perfect name.


A Celtic name meaning ‘Warrior,’ Kane is a powerful name for your big dog. It also brings to mind the idiom ‘raising Cain,’ which means to bring about a disturbance or cause problems. If either of these fits your big one, consider Kane (or Cain) for a name.

Big dog with dirt on his head laying by flowers
Big Dog With Dirt On His Head Laying By Flowers


If your pooch is tall and lean, then call him Slim. A short, sleek name will fit his profile perfectly!


For a big dog on patrol, Ranger is a fitting name. Whether he’s roving the yard, the dog park, or the woods, your big dog will be on duty and on alert at all times with a name like Ranger.