8 Pet Costumes That Will Win Halloween

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Spooky season is here! Get into the spirit of Halloween this year with fun costumes that will help your pets stand out from the pack. Inspired by food, film and everything in between, there's something here for every cat and dog.

(Remember: not all costumes are appropriate for pets, and not all pets like to be dressed up. Before you decide on a costume for your pet, read this pet costume safety checklist from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. While your pet is wearing a costume, supervise them closely and watch their body language for any signs of stress. If they seem stressed, remove the costume right away.)

1. Astronaut Halloween Dog & Cat Costume

8 Pet Costumes That Will Win Halloween

Do your fur pals get the zoomies? Hit the turbo button and dash pell-mell from room to room at strange hours? Like to explore the outer reaches of the backyard? Then this astro orange jumpsuit complete with faux jet pack fire blast is the Halloween costume for them.

2. Candy Corn Dog & Cat Sweater

8 Pet Costumes That Will Win Halloween

Candy corn is the mayonnaise of Halloween treats: Some people love the stuff (hi Mom, we see you!), others swear it's literal trash.

No matter how you feel, one can't deny that this white, orange and yellow color block sweater jumper adorned with B-O-O down the spine is, like the Halloween staple itself, pretty dang sweet.

Does it come in adult human sizes? (Asking for me.)

3. Baby Yoda Pet Costume

8 Pet Costumes That Will Win Halloween

No pop culture property generated more hype in 2020 than Star Wars' The Mandalorian, a show about a mysterious bounty hunter tasked with tracking down a child for a villainous client.

In throwback western serial style, the first episode delivers a huge twist — SPOILER WARNING — and the target is revealed to be a baby Yoda (though not THE baby Yoda) with Force powers. Our blaster-slinging anti-hero soon has a change of heart, refuses to turn over the "asset" and the show pivots into a odd couple study as they hop around the outer rim, getting into and out of adventures and hijinks.

Being rather cute and endearing, Baby Yoda subsequently spawned more memes than off-the-mark blaster bolts from a legion of stormtroopers — sipping soup, changing the song, etc. — and ruled the fun side of the internet. The show's highly anticipated second season drops on, appropriately enough, Halloween, so now is time to join the Baby Yoda team and rule the galaxy. You know, it's your destiny and stuff. :-p

As Disney's own winking product copy notes: "Bounty hunters will cross galaxies to acquire this howlingly fun asset for their pup. Complete with plush frog in his hands, the Child makes a perfect costume choice for canine companions."

4. Underdog Dog Costume

8 Pet Costumes That Will Win Halloween

Everyone needs to a superhero they can relate to and dogs are no exception. If your pooch craves action and adventure, transform them into the classic, high-flying hero with this red-and-blue Underdog costume with attached cape! Just one sniff of danger and they'll be there to save you from the bad guys.

5. UPS Uniform Dog Costume

8 Pet Costumes That Will Win Halloween

Canines are notoriously suspicious of mailmen but they get along just dandy with UPS delivery folk as this adorable list from the Pettopi [dot] com archives makes clear. Is it the classic brown uniform? The treat bribes? Who knows!

Put your pup to work (sorry, couldn't help myself) this Halloween delivering smiles (same) with the UPS Uniform Costume, which comes complete with hat and box.

6. Rainbow With Clouds Dog & Cat Costume

8 Pet Costumes That Will Win Halloween

Lighten up any room with this fab Rainbow with Clouds Dog and Cat Costume. Adorned with sequins, the plush one-piece design is a breeze to put on — just slip it over your pet's back and snap the closures around their belly.

7. Loaf Of Bread Cat Costume

8 Pet Costumes That Will Win Halloween

Cats are famed for their loaf-like shape and loafing abilities so embrace the classic meme with a costume that's the best thing since sliced bread! The one-size-fits-most design comes with simple hook-and-loop fasteners for easy on and easy off just in case kitty doesn't feel like being the ... wait for it ... toast of the Halloween party.

8. Donuts & Coffee Pet Costume

8 Pet Costumes That Will Win Halloween

The breakfast of champions — aka donuts and coffee — is now available in costume form for your pets to romp about morning, noon, or night. If the headwear isn't to your pup's taste, it can be removed and the sprinkle donut works as a delicious standalone option.