Dogs and Cats That Destroyed Christmas

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    It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    A pouting dog wearing a Santa hat
    A Pouting Dog Wearing A Santa Hat

    For many of us pet parents, our cats and dogs are truly part of the family—their pictures make up the majority of our Instagram feeds, they make appearances in most family photos or holiday cards, and they cuddle up on the couch during family movie nights.

    Accordingly, it's not too uncommon for our pets to absolutely sabotage the holidays—just like many human family members are apt to do. The major differences? Our kitties and puppies probably aren't starting arguments over politics and they're much, much cuter, so it's easier to forgive them.

    Whether you're hosting Christmas this year and you need to laugh, so you don't cry, or you need confirmation that you're not the only one whose cat has toppled the Christmas tree, read on to see 12 cats and dogs that totally ruined Christmas.

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    They Tangle Your Christmas Lights

    A small dog tangled up in Christmas lights
    A Small Dog Tangled Up In Christmas Lights

    There's no denying it: Untangling yards and yards of Christmas lights is not an easy task. But what makes it even more difficult is when your cute little doggy watches you spend hours untangling them, only to re-tangle the lights mere moments later. Our advice? Just get some new lights and save your sanity.

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    They Gnaw on Your Ornaments

    A puppy with a Christmas tree ornament in its mouth
    A Puppy With A Christmas Tree Ornament In Its Mouth

    Bringing a puppy into the family is so amazing. Not only are they ridiculously cute, but they're so curious about the world around them—and during the holidays, unfortunately, that may mean they're very curious about your cherished Christmas ornaments. If you're adopting a Christmas puppy this year, hang those ornaments high.

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    They Shift Your Carefully Placed Ornaments

    A cat inside a Christmas tree
    A Cat Inside A Christmas Tree

    Decorating a Christmas tree is quite the undertaking: The lights have to be perfectly spaced around the tree, ornaments can't be too close to each other (but they can't be too far, either!), and once the decorations are in place, absolutely no one can touch them until the tree is being taken down. Except, of course, for your Christmas cat who loves to ruin your hard work.

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    They Actually Knock the Tree Over

    A kitten in Christmas tree branches
    A Kitten In Christmas Tree Branches

    After so many hours of painstakingly hanging lights and ornaments on the Christmas tree, it'd be such a shame for someone to topple the Christmas tree, says your sweet and innocent kitten.

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    They Eat All the Christmas Cookies

    A dog eating a gingerbread cookie
    A Dog Eating A Gingerbread Cookie

    Some dogs eat spoiled, old food out of the garbage. Some dogs eat other animals' poop. And some dogs eat all of the Christmas cookies you spent hours and hours baking for your kids' holiday cookie fundraiser.

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    They Don't Care About Your Christmas Decorations

    A grey cat sitting on Christmas decorations
    A Grey Cat Sitting On Christmas Decorations

    Between finding all the decorations in the attic, sorting through the boxes, and putting your holiday decor out on display, you can spend a solid day or two decorating the house for Christmas. But does your cat care? Absolutely not—she'll plop right down in the center of your nativity scene with zero regrets.

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    They Don't Want to Pose With Santa

    Grumpy cat posing with Santa
    Grumpy Cat Posing With Santa

    Toddlers and cats are surprisingly alike. Here's how: They both need someone else to clean up their poop, they both have random, wild bursts of energy, and they both make it crystal clear that they hate posing with Santa for holiday photos.

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    They Get Into Santa's Snacks

    A Golden Retriever knocking over Christmas cookies and milk
    A Golden Retriever Knocking Over Christmas Cookies And Milk

    Like we said before—dogs are apt to eat pretty much anything, and the snacks you leave for Santa are no different. Here's a pro tip if your doggo keeps stealing Santa's cookies: Put them on a higher table or counter. Or, alternately, leave plain celery stalks for the Man in Red—although you probably won't wake up to the world's greatest gifts.

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    They Hit the Eggnog Too Hard

    An orange cat wearing a Santa hat
    An Orange Cat Wearing A Santa Hat

    It's no secret: Drinking festively flavored alcohol is a major part of the holiday season. That being said, it's never fun when someone drinks a little too much eggnog and gets cranky—especially if that someone is your already-curmudgeonly cat and the eggnog just makes him even meaner.

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    They Interrupt Your Gift Wrapping

    A dog with a bow on head
    A Dog With A Bow On Head

    Cutting wrapping paper in a straight line is tough. Folding neat corners is tough. Choosing the perfect bow to coordinate with your handmade wrapping paper is basically impossible. But you know what makes it even harder? When your goofy dog gets into the wrapping paper bin and starts donning your gift wrapping accessories.

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    They Don't Appreciate Your Wrapping

    A cat sitting on torn wrapping paper
    A Cat Sitting On Torn Wrapping Paper

    What's even more difficult than wrapping a whole bunch of holiday gifts? Watching someone tear through your thoughtfully wrapped gift like you didn't spend two solid hours making sure the corners were sharp enough. Your cat probably didn't even notice the hand-curled ribbons.

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    They Pout When They Don't Get What They Want

    A dog wearing a Santa hat pouting.
    A Dog Wearing A Santa Hat Pouting.

    Receiving a bad gift—and pretending to be gracious—is really part of the magic that makes up the holiday season. But your dog? She doesn't care who knows that she hates her gift.