How Much Should My Dog Sleep Per Day

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dog fell asleep with toy squirrel in its mouth
Dog Fell Asleep With Toy Squirrel In Its Mouth
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    Dogs Who Seriously Need a Nap

    Dog sleeping on two pillows
    Close Up Of Sleeping Dog On Living Room Floor

    Is there anything cuter than a puppy or a dog? Yes: A sleepy dog that really just needs a nap. Whether their sleepiness strikes during playtime, mealtime or just hang time, there’s no question: Dogs are really, really good at sleeping and look really cute doing it.

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    How Much Sleep Do Dogs Really Need?

    Sleepy dog underneath table
    Sleepy Dog Underneath Table

    Before we dive into the doggos, it’s important to note that the amount of sleep dogs actually need varies by age and from breed to breed. Puppies, for example, may sleep a whopping 18 to 19 hours for every 24 hours—which provides plenty of opportunities to snap an adorable #sleepypuppy picture. Larger breeds of dogs, like Greyhounds or Great Danes, are lower-energy and require a lot of sleep, too. High-energy breeds, like Labrador Retrievers and Pomeranians, don’t need to doze the day away.

    Not sure if your pupper is catching enough zzz’s? Make some simple bedtime modifications to prompt your pet to sleep, and then talk to your veterinarian about what’s normal for her breed, age, activity level, and size.

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    Wake Up for Work

    Dog wrapped in frayed blanket
    Dog Wrapped In Frayed Blanket

    Do you ever just sit on the edge of your bed, wrapped in a blanket, and wonder if going to work is really worth it? No, no, neither does Chase and neither do we.

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    Find a Napping Buddy

    Dogs cuddling together
    Dogs Cuddling Together

    Some studies suggest that taking a quick afternoon nap can boost productivity and increase focus. But what if you don’t have a comfy spot to catch a few zzz’s? Follow Winnie’s lead and use your brother or sister—or even your cubicle mate, if you're desperate.

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    Take Plenty of Mini-Naps

    Close up of dog yawning
    Close Up Of Dog Yawning

    Prepping for houseguests is so tiring. Daisy has been doing laundry all weekend in anticipation of her parents’ arrival and just needs about, 20 minutes to close her eyes.

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    Get Too Tired to Clean Up

    Close up of sleeping dog on living room floor
    Close Up Of Sleeping Dog On Living Room Floor

    Playtime was just sooo much fun and so exhausting, Petey can’t even put his toys away. Help a puppy out and clean up, would you?

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    Take Plenty of Breaks

    Dog resting outside in the mountains
    Dog Resting Outside In The Mountains

    Roger is an accomplished hiker who loves to get out into the fresh air on the weekends but needs to take pretty frequent breaks. His little legs can only carry him so far, after all.

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    Get Your Dose of Caffeine

    Dog playing on an old computer
    Dog Playing On An Old Computer

    Sasha has been up writing the final paper in her post-dogtoral degree all night. Sometimes she wonders if she even really wants her Ph.D. anymore.

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    Put Your Differences Aside

    A cat and dog cuddling while sleeping
    A Cat And Dog Cuddling While Sleeping

    Max has made some serious personal discoveries this year. His biggest accomplishment? Realizing that napping with the kitty was far more rewarding than fighting with the kitty. Our world leaders could learn a thing or two from Max.

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    Put Others First

    Owner cuddling with their dog
    Owner Cuddling With Their Dog

    Riley really prefers to have his own space when he sleeps but knows that good boys often put the needs of others before their own needs. Good boy, Riley—you’ll get that shut-eye eventually.

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    Avoid Food Blackouts

    Dog laying down behind spilled food
    Dog Laying Down Behind Spilled Food

    You know when you eat too much on Thanksgiving or Christmas or just a random Wednesday and have to take a long nap to recover from your feast? So does Penny.

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    Just Go Back to Sleep

    Close up of sleepy dog
    Close Up Of Sleepy Dog

    That feeling when you wake up from a nap still tired, super dehydrated and unsure of what year it is. Go back to sleep, Conan.

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    Trick Your Mom

    Dog sleeping on two pillows
    Close Up Of Sleeping Dog On Living Room Floor

    Sammy has perfected the art of pretending to be asleep when his mom comes in to wake him up for church. Take note, pups—this is what a serious, I-can’t-wake-him-up-because-he’s-a-growing-boy snooze looks like.

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    Avoid Sleeping in Weird Spots

    Dog curled up sleeping in a basket
    Dog Curled Up Sleeping In A Basket

    Have you ever been so tired you fell asleep in a super weird (and uncomfortable) spot? Milo feels you—he was so tired, he fell asleep in one of his mom’s decorative baskets. It normally holds decorative seashells.

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    Manage the Monday Blues

    Sleepy small dog on corner of a bed
    Sleepy Small Dog On Corner Of A Bed

    “It’s not Monday. It’s not Monday. It is not Monday. How is it possible to be so sleepy before the week even begins?” wonders Peg the Pug.

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    Don't Work Too Hard

    Yawning dog with its tongue out
    Yawning Dog With Its Tongue Out

    Charlie loves to help his family with yard work, but carrying heavy branches, grass clippings and bags of leaves get tiring. (Charlie isn’t very good at yard work anyway—he gets super distracted by all of the sticks available to him.)

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    Snap a Post-Nap Selfie

    Dog tucked in for bed
    Dog Tucked In For Bed

    “I woke up like this,” tweets Jack. “But I also want to go back to sleep like this and never get out of bed like this.”