What is a good name for a golden retriever

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A Golden Retriever lounging on a couch
A Golden Retriever Lounging On A Couch

If you are bringing home an adopted Golden Retriever or a puppy, it will be a super exciting time. You will be spending the first weeks and months working on bonding, socialization and settling them into their forever home. With all this going on, finding inspiration for naming your dog can sometimes be tricky.

We have compiled a list of some suggested Golden Retriever names that may suit your dog's characteristics or appearance for inspiration.


We all know that Golden Retrievers are often extremely loyal. Picking a name to reflect this characteristic could be a nice touch. The name Amina is an Arabic female name that means honest and trustworthy.

There was also a Zassau Warrior Princess in Nigeria in the 1600s named Amina, who was legendary because of her bravery and leadership skills. This is perfect for a dog that has been through the wars or is exceptionally brave.

Siberian husky puppy
Siberian husky puppy


Golden Retrievers are also known for being very happy-go-lucky and fun. There are lots of names that could work for this. For a female, why not select Allegra? This is a popular name that means Merry in Italian.

If you are not keen on Allegra, how about considering Farrah, or Duscha for a girl, as these both have similar meanings.


Retrievers with their dense, wavy coats can often look very fluffy. They are big, proud-looking dogs, and sometimes people compare them to Bruins. So what better name for a male Retriever than Bear.


If you have a dog with a very red-golden coat shade, then you could be clever and call them Brick. This unusual and fun name could represent the color Brick Red and also the fact that your dog is strong and sturdy.

golden retriever sitting on green grass
golden retriever sitting on green grass

When you say someone is a Brick, it can also mean that they are a dependable, good-natured individual. Another perfect choice for the reliable Golden Retriever.


Okay, it may not be very original, but this could be a good choice for a female Goldie if you want something that reflects their lovely shading.


Golden Retrievers are often known for being goofy, fun clowns and entertainers. What could be more apt than naming your Golden after the King of Slapstick; Charlie Chaplin.

A Golden Retreiver with a Goofy Grin upside down on a bed
A Golden Retreiver With A Goofy Grin Upside Down On A Bed

Clem or Clemence

We all know that Golden Retrievers are known for being gentle dogs; finding a name to match this trait could be a good choice. Why not opt for Clem for a boy or Clemence for a girl? Both originate from the Latin word Clemens which means mild and gentle.


If you think Buttercup is a little too obvious but you still want to reflect your dog's color in their name, then you could go for something more unusual like Dorada. This means Golden in Spanish and could be the perfect match for your girl dog.

black and white long coated small dog on brown wooden log during daytime
black and white long coated small dog on brown wooden log during daytime


If you are looking to name your Golden Retriever after an inspirational actress, why not consider the name Doris in homage to the wholesome movie star Doris Day. Not only was she known for being sweet and kind, just like a Golden, but she was also an influential animal welfare campaigner.


If you have ever seen the wonderful Pixar movie Up, and you are a dog lover, you will not be likely to forget Dug, the Golden Retriever.

Excitable, devoted, fun-loving and goofy, Dug personifies the characteristics of many Golden Retrievers perfectly.


We have already suggested Allegra for a girls name representing the happy side of a Golden Retrievers personality. How about going for Gil for a boy? This means joy in French and would be well suited to the easy-going, friendly and jolly personality that often comes with a Goldie.

A happy Golden Retriever running
A Happy Golden Retriever Running


If you have adopted a Golden Retriever, naming them Liberty to represent the freedom and second-chance they have been given may appeal. This was also the name that the 38th President of the United States, Gerald R Ford, gave his Golden Retriever.

person petting black and white dog
person petting black and white dog
dog surrounded by snow-covered trees
dog surrounded by snow-covered trees
adult brown-and-white Siberian Husky during daytime
adult brown-and-white Siberian Husky during daytime


We have suggested Buttercup and Dorada for female names relating to a Goldies coloring. What about Mustard for a male dog?


We know this is a common name, but there is good reason for this. It is short and easy to shout when calling your Golden back at the Park. It could be a shortened version of Samson, which comes from the Hebrew name meaning Sun.

It is also the name of one of the most loyal sidekicks in popular literature, Samwise Gamgee from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. This makes it a perfect fit for a devoted Goldie, and great for any LOTR mega fans out there!


Truman is an English name that means loyal one so it is well suited to a faithful and true-hearted Golden Retriever.

It is also associated with the leading character in the award-winning movie The Truman Show. He is upbeat and optimistic, characteristics also associated with Golden Retrievers.