What is the best name for a male dog

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A Shar-Pei wearing a bowtie.
A Shar-Pei Wearing A Bowtie.

When you bring home a new dog or puppy, your to-do list may feel endless. Not only do you have to stock up on your new dog's gear—from healthy, high-quality food, to a comfy dog bed, to fun toys—but you have to come up with the perfect name, too. Are you feeling the pressure yet?

When it comes to naming a dog, there are a few important tips to remember:

  • Choose names with one or two syllables, which will be easier for your dog to hear and understand
  • Look for hard consonants
  • Avoid names that sound like commands, such as stay and Jay

Finding the perfect name is ruff work! The good news is, we've done some of the work for you, and rounded up our favorite male dog names out there. From classic names, to names inspired by literature and music, these names are sure to suit any four-legged family member.

long-coated tan dog sitting near fence
long-coated tan dog sitting near fence


What better name for a dog who came first in his class at puppy school, runs faster than all the other dogs at the dog park, and can bark the Star-Spangled Banner? Basically, if you want the Captain America of doggies, name your boy Ace.


The brightest pupper on the block deserves a name to match his serious smarts. Just don't be surprised if your dog starts telling jokes like, Pavlov? Rings a bell or What kind of dogs to chemists have? Laboratory retrievers. Don't say we didn't warn you.


If you love old school dog names—or have an undying affinity for the flick Anchorman—Baxter may be the perfect name for your family's newest member.


Is there anything funnier—or more adorable—than a tiny puppy named Charles? No, we didn't think so. Whether you reserve Charles for more formal settings or stick to the nickname Charlie, this classic name has been among the most popular male dog names for generations.

gray and black dog lying on green grass field
gray and black dog lying on green grass field


Whether your dog is a member of the royal court or a down-home, Southern boy, this name can work for all kinds of dogs with all kinds of origin stories.


You ain't nothin', but a hound dog takes on a whole new meaning when you actually name your dog after The King. We bet your Elvis would love peanut butter and bananas just as much as the musician, too.


Literature is always an excellent source for naming inspiration, and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain is no exception. This classic is jam-packed with cute dog names—like Sawyer, Watson, and Huck—but Finn is our top pick for a furry family member.


Nope, you don't have to ride a motorcycle to bestow this popular name upon your pooch. But if you do have a motorcycle, we think Harley would look pretty tough in a sidecar, right?

two siberian husky puppies in cage
two siberian husky puppies in cage


Moose is an obvious winner for a massively large dog, but it totally works for the tiniest teacup dogs, too. Why? It's irony, people!


If your dog loves a hot dog every once in awhile—and really, who doesn't?—why not name him after his absolute favorite thing? And if you happen to have a dog named Relish, it's a match made in cookout heaven.


Petey from The Little Rascals was always up for an adventure, and we promise your family's Petey will be no different. We can't guarantee someone in the family can rock a cowlick quite like Alfalfa, though.


You're going to spoil him like a prince, anyway, so why not just go with it? If you're looking for a royal name that's not so on-the-nose, you might want to consider Henry, Charles, or Louie.

shallow focus photo of long-coated brown dog
shallow focus photo of long-coated brown dog
yellow Labrador retriever lying on sofa
yellow Labrador retriever lying on sofa
apricot toy poodle standing near brown wooden bench
apricot toy poodle standing near brown wooden bench


Just like apple pie, this dog name is all-American—but it isn't just for Golden Retrievers wearing American flag bandanas (although that's awesome, too!). If you're looking for other all-American dog names, consider Buddy, Chance, or Lucky.


Perhaps the quintessential classic male dog name, Spike has been a popular pick for generations. Sure, it has a tough-guy vibe, but we think naming a teacup pooch Spike is pretty adorable—and hilarious—too.


The Norse god of thunder and sky, Thor was charged with protecting mankind, making this name the perfect pick for your personal alert system—even if he's only alerting to you the presence of a squirrel.


From Ziggy Stardust to Ziggy Marley, this unique name has some serious street cred in the music scene. Bonus points if your dog has a lightning-bolt shaped patch on his eye!