How to teach a dog to stay

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Training a dachshund to stay
Training A Dachshund To Stay

The stay command is an essential basic dog command that all dogs should learn. Almost as important as coming when called, the stay cue can prevent your dog from getting involved in dangerous situations. It will also allow you to keep your dog still and calm while you take care of household chores, entertain guests, or bring it to public places.

This command training is not very difficult to achieve. You'll need to practice it consistently with your dog and should be accomplished in five- to 10-minute training increments, two to three times per day. A successful “stay” occurs when your dog does not move at all from the original position. When training, start with one to two second periods of staying and work your way up to several minutes.

  • Keep training sessions short and try to end on a positive note. If your dog cannot yet stay, then end the session with sit or something else your dog knows well.
  • Once it seems your dog has mastered the stay command, try practicing with distractions like a squeaky toy or door knocks.
  • Once your dog becomes an expert at staying, you no longer need to give a treat every time, only occasionally. Instead, reward with praise.