Adorable Photos of Brussels Griffon Dogs

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    Griff the Brussels Griffon dog
    Griff The Brussels Griffon Dog

    The Brussels Griffon is a breed of toy dog named after their city of origin, Brussels, Belgium. This breed is known by some as the velcro dog because they love to stick by your side—you won’t be making many solo trips to the kitchen or bathroom with one of these pups around. Griffons do demand attention, but if managed correctly, the pup will easily become your closest and most loyal companion.

    This breed of dog adapts well to condo or apartment living, though they still have a ton of energy yet are easy to train. The Brussels Griffon is considered to be generally healthy, but poor breeding practices have led to some breed-specific health problems. It’s always important to consider this when adopting or purchasing a dog.

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    Leto the Brussels Griffon
    Leto The Brussels Griffon

    In America, these dogs are all considered one breed—the Brussels Griffon. However, Europeans separate the dog into into three different breeds according to their coat color and consistencies: Petit Brabancons make up the smooth-coated variety, Griffons Belge have rough coats of any color other than red or fawn, and what they call Brussels Griffons possesses red/fawn rough coats. Leto, pictured here, would be considered a Petit Brabancon in Europe.

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    Donnie Barko

    Leto The Brussels Griffon

    Donnie Barko is a shorthair Brussels Griffon living in the UK. He looks super-adorable dressed in a sweater, but especially with his stylish orange beard.

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    Leto The Brussels Griffon

    Kevin is a handsome Griffon with a longer, rougher coat. This impressive facial hair would classify him as the Griffon Belge variation of the breed. This type of Griffon is known for its wiry, tousled hair.

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    Digby and Alo

    Leto The Brussels Griffon

    Digby and Alo are two Griffons living in New Zealand. As you can see with these two, the longer the hair, the bigger the beard (and in some cases, the mustache, too).

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    Leto The Brussels Griffon

    This next little Griffon is so cool, he even acts as the CEO for his own company. Chamacorp sells everything from doggie sweaters to slings for carrying your furry friends with you on your travels.

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    Leto The Brussels Griffon

    Bart is another Petit Brabancon. You can tell by his smooth, short coat, which must be is a plus in his hometown of sunny Los Angeles.

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    Leto The Brussels Griffon

    Griffons are sometimes likened to Ewoks, the little creatures from the Star Wars universe, due to their human-like facial features. It’s not hard to see why, but Wicket is actually a Brussels Griffon/terrier mix—there's no Ewok in this guy's lineage!

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    Miley and Britney

    Leto The Brussels Griffon

    Britney and Miley are two great examples of how different the variations in this breed can look. While the temperaments may be similar, the facial hair sure isn't. In case you were wondering, these fabulous ladies' full names are Miss Britney Houston and Petit Miley Left Eye Lopez.

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    Leto The Brussels Griffon

    Sprout is just a little Griffon trying to make it in the Big Apple. You can buy an adorable​ 2020 calendar featuring handsome shots of Sprout doing everything from modeling sweaters to exploring NYC. Even better, all proceeds go to rescue groups.

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    The Bone Squad

    Leto The Brussels Griffon

    This is the real squad goals. The dog parent of this motley crew describes her Brussels Griffons as five tiny humans trapped inside Griffon fur bodies.

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    Miley in a Cup

    Leto The Brussels Griffon

    Brussels Griffons are smart, loyal, energetic, and make great companions. No matter what variation of Griffon you like best, there is no question that they are all adorable, unique dogs.