Make a Den for Your Italian Greyhound

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How to Make a Den for Your Italian Greyhound

If you have an Italian Greyhound, or even an Italian Greyhound mix, you probably have problems with keeping it warm. Having an easily made den that you can carry with you, will help.

Simpler Method

Make a Den for Your Italian Greyhound

1. Be sure you have everything you'll need (listed below).

2. Have a blanket, or something similar.

Make sure it is about twice the size of your pillowcase. If you need to, fold it in halves and/or quarters.

3. Lay out one of the pillow cases.

Attach the corners of the pillowcase to the corners of the larger blanket.

4. With straight pins, secure the cloth to the outer pillowcase.

This makes it more easily removable.

  • Fold the two joined corners in half. Where it folds, fasten it together with a straight pin.
  • Continue doing that all the way around until the gaps between the pins is fairly small.

5. Once you have it the way you want, sew the top cloth to the pillowcase.

You will want to have it off of the pillow for this.

Intermediate Method

Make a Den for Your Italian Greyhound

1. Find the materials you want to use.

Maybe an old fleece coat that has outlived its usefulness, or some leftover material. Whatever you have.

2. Make a case for a pillow to go in.

You are taking the place of the second pillow with this one.

3. Cut the item, a jacket in this case, and cut it out.

It will need to be about twice the size of the pillow. You will want some looseness for your pet to crawl into.

4. Sew the case and the item together.

Be careful when you leave openings. You will need to have one opening for your pet to go in, and a different type of opening on the side. This is where you will put in the pillow, with its pillowcase (extra protection).

5. Slowly get your pet used to it.

Maybe, if possible, you might try to get the interest of another animal. Jealousy works great with pets.


  • This will work for any dog that gets cold easily, or any other pet.