How to Make Your Wiener Dog Happy

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How to Make Your Wiener Dog Happy

Wiener dogs are some of the cutest dogs on the planet. They’re full of energy, they’re smart, and they’re super charming. Wiener dogs can live for 12 to 15 years, which means you can develop a great relationship with your wiener dog if you make it happy.

Spending Quality Time With Your Wiener Dog

Tips to Make Your Wiener Dog Happy

1. Take your wiener dog for a daily walk.

Make your wiener dog happy by giving it regular outdoor exercise. Your wiener dog will be happiest if you keep your walks about 35-40 minutes. Don’t go too fast since wiener dogs have short legs and may find it difficult to keep up.

2. Let your wiener dog smell.

Your wiener dog will be super happy if you allow it to spend some time smelling interesting things on your walks. Most dogs love smelling things but wiener dogs were bred to be hunting dogs, which means they have a highly developed sense of smell. Give your wiener dog plenty of time to stop and smell whatever interests it.

3. Make a playdate.

Dogs are social creatures and typically love being around other dogs. Your wiener dog will be extremely happy if you organize a playdate for it where it can socialize with other dogs.

  • Find a playdate group through your vet or an online forum.
  • Consider a playdate that is just for wiener dogs.
  • Make sure to supervise your wiener dog’s behavior.
  • Allow your dog to be shy if it’s not used to being around other dogs.
  • Don’t let your wiener dog be too rough with other dogs.

4. Go on a road trip together.

Wiener dogs love to travel and are some of the easiest dogs to travel with. You’ll make your wiener dog very happy if you drive it somewhere where it can see and smell new things.

  • Make sure your wiener dog remains safe as you travel.
  • Always bring plenty of treats and water.

5. Give your wiener dog a bath.

Most dogs love water and wiener dogs are no exception. Giving your wiener dog a bath means your wiener dog gets extra attention from you and gets clean at the same time.

  • Only use dog shampoo that won’t dry out your wiener dog’s skin.
  • Make sure to keep your wiener dog warm throughout the bath.
  • Have plenty of fresh towels on hand.
  • Ensure you dry your wiener dog thoroughly.

6. Play games with your wiener dog.

Wiener dogs have a great sense of humor and are super fun to play with. Spend time playing with your wiener dog and it will be very happy.

  • Play hide-and-seek with your wiener dog’s favorite toy.
  • Bury a toy in the sand and watch your wiener dog dig it up.
  • Use size appropriate toys.
  • Be gentle when you play with your wiener dog.

Feeding Your Wiener Dog

Tips to Make Your Wiener Dog Happy

1. Try new treats.

All dogs love tasty treats. Switch up your regular treats and try something new to make your wiener dog happy. Experiment with different flavors and different ingredients to see what your wiener dog likes. Just make sure you don’t give it too many so it doesn’t get overweight. Possible treats include:

  • Crispy vegetables like raw carrots or broccoli.
  • Chopped fresh cheese.
  • Various types of fish.
  • Rawhide bones.
  • Don’t give your wiener dog grapes, raisin, onion, or chocolate.

2. Feed your wiener dog twice a day.

Your wiener dog will be happy if you maintain regular feeding times. Read the labels on your dog food to ensure the food has a high protein content and enough vitamins and minerals. Provide your wiener dog with a mixture of wet and dry food to keep it happy. Wet food helps your wiener dog stay hydrated while dry food helps prevent dental problems like tartar.

3. Provide enough water.

Keep a bowl full of clean water for your wiener dog if you want to make sure it’s happy. Make sure you change this water daily. Wiener dogs are at risk for urinary problems so it’s important your wiener dog drinks enough water.

4. Keep your wiener dog trim and slim.

You’ll make your wiener dog happy if you prevent it from getting overweight. A standard 20-pound wiener dog should only eat about 575 calories per day. This number will ultimately depend on how active or large your wiener dog is. It’s important to keep your wiener dog’s weight down to limit potential back problems, which won’t make you or your wiener dog happy.

Training Your Wiener Dog

Tips to Make Your Wiener Dog Happy

1. Teach your wiener dog a trick.

Wiener dogs are very smart and love learning new tricks. Teaching your wiener dog a trick is a great bonding experience and will make your wiener dog very happy. Wiener dogs especially enjoy the following tricks:

  • Shaking hands
  • Waving
  • Rolling over
  • Playing fetch
  • Playing hide-and-seek

2. Give your wiener dog obedience training.

Wiener dogs were bred to be hunting dogs and, as a result, are happiest when they have an owner who gives them structure. Wiener dogs love to please. Be patient and firm as you train your wiener dog to listen to you. Keep your training sessions short at first. Be consistent and give your wiener dog treats for good behavior.

3. Give your wiener dog praise.

Wiener dogs love praise just as much as humans do. It makes a wiener dog feel good to know you’re happy with it. Talk to your wiener dog and show it affection to make it happy.

  • Make eye contact with your wiener dog.
  • Use a friendly voice.
  • Give your wiener dog a pat or massage.