Cutest Pomeranians to Follow on Instagram

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JiffPom in unicorn hat.
JiffPom In Unicorn Hat.
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    Jiffpom with unicorn horn.
    Jiffpom With Unicorn Horn.

    Jiff, better known as Jiffpom, is a true internet sensation. He’s won a Kids’ Choice Award for “Favorite Instagram Pet” and a Shorty Award for “Best Animal in Social Media.” And if that isn’t enough, he’s undeniably and overwhelmingly adorable. With nine million Instagram followers (!), custom merch, and his own hashtag (#cutelife, naturally), Jiff might just be the biggest Pom on Insta, if not the entire internet. Looking at that face, it’s clear why. Follow Jiffpom on Instagram.

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    Mango in sunglasses next to flamingo floatie and frozen drinks.
    Mango In Sunglasses Next To Flamingo Floatie And Frozen Drinks.

    Sentient snowball Mango has more than 160,000 Instagram followers and a wardrobe that your childhood dolls would covet. Hailing from South Korea, Mango may look like a doll himself but he’s actually just a real live dog with a penchant for sunglasses, bonnets, and bowties. He’s no stranger to internet fame, having won a March Madness-style “cuteness contest” on Instant, and even just a quick scroll through his page will show you why his followers can’t get enough. Follow Mango on Instagram.

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    Bertram sitting on top of toys.
    Bertram Sitting On Top Of Toys.

    From a shelter in Oklahoma to a high-flying lifestyle in New York City and more than 380,000 Instagram followers, it’s fair to say that Bertram (“Bertie”) the Pomeranian is living his best life—and this little guy surely deserves it! Bertram, who appears to be half dog and half true born bear cub, loves hanging out in bathtubs (or anywhere with water), sticking his tongue out for the cam, and wearing funny hats. Go check him out for yourself and see what all the fuss is about. Follow Bertram on Instagram.

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    Norman laying on the couch.
    Norman Laying On The Couch.

    Meet Norman the Pomsky: half Pomeranian, half Husky, and 100% wonderful. While he may not be a full-blooded Pom, Norman bring a lot to his Instagram game, including a fluffy Husky body atop stumpy Pomeranian legs. His hobbies? Mostly snoozing and eating peanut butter, but he’ll never say no to a fun outing. If you’ve ever wondered what magic happens when a Pom meets a Husky, then we encourage you to make your way over to Norman’s delightful page. Follow Norman on Instagram.

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    Zoe in party hat outside.
    Zoe In Party Hat Outside.

    Sweet little Zoe might not have quite as many followers as the other Pomeranians on this list, but she more than makes up for it with her effortless charm. She’s a homeless dog turned brewery ambassador, who stands out from the rest of the Pom pack by keeping her fluff mostly trimmed down. Follow along on her journeys in Savannah, and make sure you don’t miss the photos of Zoe in her Halloween costume (hint: she goes full teddy). Follow Zoe on Instagram.

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    Chewy in sweater, scarf, and glasses.
    Chewy In Sweater, Scarf, And Glasses.

    Chewy—aka Pom Pom Chewy—is an Instagram celebrity, but also so much more. Rescued as a baby, Chewy has parlayed his cuteness into magazine covers and film cameos, and he’s known as a trendsetter for his ability to pull off even the most fashion forward of doggie outfits. If you love dogs who look like foxes, plus style that is always on point, then Chewy just might be your new favorite Insta follow. Follow Chewy on Instagram.

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    Cloe in front of a fountain outside.
    Cloe In Front Of A Fountain Outside.

    She may be wearing a permanent tuxedo, but Cloe the Pomeranian is always down to get a little rough. She loves being outside, and brings in double the cuteness when she poses alongside her human baby sister. If seeing Poms on walks, in swings, and playing with babies is your thing, then head on over to Cleo’s page. Follow Cleo on Instagram.

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    Perry in a basket on a bicycle.
    Perry In A Basket On A Bicycle.

    With an irresistibly smushy face and floofs that go on for days, Perry the Pomeranian is an obvious addition to this list. Perry has a taste for the finer things in life. This NYC pup (also possibly a lion cub) poses frequently in front of fancy cocktails and serene swimming spots, and while he stays out of both he’s definitely dapper enough to pull it all off. Follow Perry on Instagram.

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    Chewie sitting at table with two bowls of lobster soup.
    Chewie Sitting At Table With Two Bowls Of Lobster Soup.

    Another Chewie makes the list! This Chewie hails from San Gabriel, California, where he spends his days posing paw-up in front of local attractions and foodie-worthy treats. You’ll rarely find him without a smile, which is easy to understand when you see what an exciting life he leads. Get some adventure inspiration (and probably some food envy too) by scrolling through his page. Follow Chewie on Instagram.