How to Look After a Chihuahua

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How to Look After a Chihuahua

Looking after a chihuahua requires paying special attention to the needs of a small dog.

Providing a Suitable Sleeping Area

Tips to Look After a Chihuahua

1. Set up the dog's sleep area.

Although the dog is small, it will appreciate having its own sleeping space rather than being expected to curl up anywhere. Some options for a good sleeping space include:

  • A small pillow or cushion in a suitable corner or area of the room intended for sleeping.
  • A small dog bed. This can be placed anywhere, including inside a kennel. Add some blankets or cushioning.
  • Make the space comfortable.

2. Clean bedding regularly.

This will help to reduce the flea population and keeps everything nice for your chihuahua.

Feeding Your Chihuahua

Tips to Look After a Chihuahua

1. Feed appropriate dog food.

Chihuahuas eat hard and soft dog food.

2. Use a small bowl.

That way you won't be tempted to overfeed your chihuahua.

3. Place both food and water bowls in an easily accessible place.

4. Avoid feeding your chihuahua human food.

It doesn't matter how cute they are, do not feed your chihuahua human food unless you are absolutely certain is both safe and appropriate for the dog.

Playtime and Exercise

Tips to Look After a Chihuahua

1. Play with your chihuahua, as they love being played with.

Use safe, soft toys. Chihuahuas enjoy playing fetch and tug-of-war.

2. Walk your chihuahua at least once a day.

Twice a day is good. Try not to carry the dog everywhere––he needs exercise as much as you do.

3. Love your chihuahua.

Give your dog as much love as possible.


  • Find a suitably sized collar. Check that the collar is comfortable around your dog's neck (if you can fit your two fingers into the collar, after your pet wears it, it's suitable).
  • You can use safe baby toys for chihuahua toys.
  • You should always take your puppy to the bathroom as quickly as you can, because if you don't then it might excrete waste on your floor.


  • Do not hurt your dog by pushing him away rudely or harshly, just tap him lightly to tell them off.
  • Do not leave your Chihuahua home alone all day; this dog needs to socialize and be loved. If you are at work or school all day, either re-think your idea of buying a Chihuahua (or any other dog) or find someone to come in every day to walk, love, play and feed your Chihuahua.