Cane Corso Dog Breed Information

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Cane Corso Dog Breed Information

The Cane Corso is also called the Italian Mastiff

Together with the Neapolitan Mastiff, it is one of the most memorable models of breeds Cane Corsa dogs descend from the Canis Pugnax. The large models are dog use them more fair by the Roman army.

These dogs fought the battlefield alongside the soldiers. It also kept his guard dogs and use the roman amphitheaters where they were forced to fight against bears clients and other wild animals. In the countryside, this type of dog was also an excellent livestock herder and hunting assistant.

Cane Corso Breed Characteristics

The Italian Mastiff is a medium to large-sized dog strong muscular. It's still elegant in its own way. Their coat is shiny short and smooth with a thin undercoat. Cane Corsa can be black blue. Cane Corsa was an independent dog. They can be quite territorial and aloof loyal. Italian Mastiff developed very deep bonds with the family. He cares for them especially with children. This is a very athletic dog, loves to go outside and exercise. So they are perfect for active families owners with some experience in dog training. However, Cane Corsa dogs tend to be calm and quiet one of them. Cane Corsa adults are indifferent and cold with strangers. They are very confident and don't tend to have exaggerated reactions.

Caring for Italian Mastiff is simple.

You'll have to brush them once a week to get rid of dead hair. And you only have to bathe them every 2 or 3 months depending on how dirty the game although they are not extremely active. Cane Corsa dogs require long daily walks to keep their muscles in top form and to release any accumulated stress.

The Importance of Training Cane Corsa

We recommend going for three half-hour walks every day. If you can add some physical exercise with tracking intelligence games the better or run developer. It's important to train the Cane Corsa when they're very young puppies learn the most between 3 and 12 weeks old. You'll teach them to moderate the bite and socialise with different people animals. That environment can a course who probably will also learn basic commands such as sit stay down or him. This is extremely important for the dog safety. A properly trained and socialized kind of course so they can companion tolerant of other people and dogs. However, masters you haven't been trained as they should can become extremely territorial wary of others even aggressive towards people of adult even when well-trained Cane Corsa adults aren't the best choice for beginners.

How often should i take my dog to the vet

It's always recommended to go to the vet at least once or twice a year for a third chapter stick to the vaccination and deworming schedule according to your vets advice. Cane Corsa dogs are at risk of suffering elbow and hip dysplasia gastric torsion vaginal hyperplasia heat stroke glandular hypertrophy scabies and to clear ectopia when they are very young. However if you stick to our guidelines and take good care of your Cane Corsa they can live on average between 10 and 14.

Cane Corso Dog Breed Profile