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    These Doggies Have It Ruff

    A dog wearing a robe, sleep mask and towel on its head.
    A Dog Wearing A Robe, Sleep Mask And Towel On Its Head.

    Let's face it—between all of the naps, belly rubs, and delicious treats, being a doggy can be ruff. Fortunately, there's a solution for those real dog days: A relaxing treatment (or a whole day of treatments!) at the luxurious local spa. From facials to mud baths, to lounging by the pool, there are countless ways for a tired puppy to recharge—and look super cute doing it.

    We've rounded up a few puppies and dogs who just can't right now, and had to head straight to their favorite spa for massages, mud baths, and more. (If you're reading this from your desk at work, try not to get too jealous.)

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    Bath Time Takes a Turn

    A chihuahua looking over the edge of bathtub
    A Chihuahua Looking Over The Edge Of Bathtub

    For many dogs, bath time means misery because it can be a little scary and a little uncomfortable—and who likes standing in a cold tub when they're soaking wet, anyway? We don't blame them. When you're in a totally tricked-out, luxurious doggy spa, however? Bring on the tub, humans!

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    Not Just for Snacking

    A dog with cucumbers over its eyes
    A Dog With Cucumbers Over Its Eyes

    When you're not eating them (or an old banana peel from the garbage or a dirty sock at the bottom of the hamper or ...) cucumbers make the pawfect remedy for puffy, tired eyes. And every pupper knows, if you don't get a minimum of eight naps per day, puffy eyes are pretty much inevitable.

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    Massage for Mutts

    A yellow lab getting a massage.
    A Yellow Lab Getting A Massage.

    Whether you prefer aromatherapeutic massages, deep tissue massages, or even reflexology, there's one thing we can all agree on: There's truly no better feeling than getting a super relaxing massage when you have tired, achy muscles.

    Believe it or not, doggy massages are becoming more and more popular in veterinary and specialists' offices. Not only do they feel good (duh), they can help alleviate anxiety and pain, and improve joint flexibility. If your dog experiences any of these issues, talk to your vet about dog massage as an alternative therapy.

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    Dive Into a Classic Mud Bath

    A smiling, muddy dog.
    A Smiling, Muddy Dog.

    From vampire facials (yup, there's a lot of blood involved), to bee venom facials, to bird poop facials (yes, it's really a thing), there's no shortage of new, fascinating, and sometimes strange skincare treatments out there. Just take a look at your local beauty retailer's selection of sheet masks!

    But, really, why stray from a classic? Mud baths have been around for centuries—and for good reason. Not only are they affordable, but they boast countless skin-boosting properties, too—especially for those of us with itchy, sensitive skin.

    (Psst—if your pooch is suffering from itchy, dry, or uncomfortable skin, try some of these all-natural remedies at home. As always, talk to your vet before starting any new treatment for your dog.)

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    Don't Forget Your Swimmies

    A bulldog swimming in a pool.
    A Bulldog Swimming In A Pool.

    So, after hours of pampering, what's a doggy to do? Take a dip in the spa's gorgeous pool, of course! Followed by a few hours of lounging pool-side with your best bud and a tasty pupper colada.

    If you're a French bulldog—and have somehow learned how to read—don't forget your safety vest! Frenchies aren't the strongest swimmers and their short snouts make breath-holding a little bit harder.

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    Get a Fresh Look

    A dog with blue ears looking at the camera.
    A Dog With Blue Ears Looking At The Camera.

    There's nothing like a fresh cut and color to change up your look and boost your confidence. Plus, what better way to spend a day than getting a new 'do between massages, facials, and lounging by the pool?

    If your doggy is in serious need of a new 'do, check out our favorite tips for grooming. And if you're not feeling so confident with the clippers, check your local listings for a solid groomer.

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    It'll Be Over Soon

    A dog with a towel on its head
    A Dog With A Towel On Its Head

    You know when you're sitting in your hair dresser's chair under fluorescent lighting with your hair slicked back and you feel like the ugliest person in the world? Yeah, we all get that feeling at the hair salon. But don't worry—you're one blowout away from looking like the freshest pooch at the spa.

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    Relax Some More

    A Dalmatian napping.
    A Dalmatian Napping.

    After a long, luxurious day at the spa, there's only one thing left to do: Take the most amazing nap (otherwise known as your ninth nap of the day, if you're a doggo) and dream about all the pampering you got earlier in the day. Life's hard for a doggy, huh?