Smart Tips for Practicing Self-Care With Your Dog

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Close-Up Portrait Of Dog In Bathtub At Home
Close-Up Portrait Of Dog In Bathtub At Home

Your dog is your best friend, your confidant, your four-legged family member who's always happy to see you after a long day of work, and your friend who will never tell you to stop crying over The Bachelor. He deserves to be spoiled, and while all he really wants is to spend time next to you, he won't bark at the idea of a few extra treats to show him just how much you really care.

While you practice self-care, consider some dog-care too. If you're looking for a few ways to spoil your best friend this month, we've rounded up our favorite ideas. From dog massages to dog treats, here are nine ways to spoil your pup.

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    Bake Homemade Dog Treats

    homemade dog treats
    Homemade Dog Treats

    There's nothing wrong with store-bought dog treats, but if you really want to spoil your pup, bake him some healthy, but delicious snacks made from scratch, like these ones from A Cozy Kitchen. If your dog has a specific food he or she loves, find a treat that incorporates it and get cooking. Whether it's peanut butter or tuna fish, spoil him with a treat that's both delicious and good for him.

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    Go to a Dog Beach

    Portrait Of French Bulldog Sitting At Beach Against Clear Blue Sky
    Portrait Of French Bulldog Sitting At Beach Against Clear Blue Sky

    If your pup loves the water, imagine his excitement when he can run and jump in the world's biggest bathtub. Don't live on the coast? Look into nearby parks with pup-friendly bodies of water. Whether you decide to treat your dog to a whole vacation or just an afternoon by the lake with his favorite waterproof toy, he will definitely live his best life by the shore.

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    Try a Doggy Massage

    yellow lab getting a massage
    Yellow Lab Getting A Massage

    A massage is the ultimate self-care purchase, so why not treat your pup to what you'd splurge on for yourself? A good massage can help increase blood flow and loosen stiff muscles—and after that long day at the beach Fido just had, he'll need it. You can learn how to massage your pup yourself or you can find local dog massage therapists in your area. Your veterinarian is sure to have a few names on hand.

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    Splurge on a New Look

    dog getting groomed
    Dog Getting Groomed

    Though some pups may not see this as self-care, a good grooming can make your dog feel like a whole new animal. Whether it's a new haircut for the summer or a deep clean after rolling around in the mud, treat your pup to a spa day and make him feel like the leader of the pack.

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    Build a Dog House

    Dog in a dog house
    Dog In A Dog House

    Sure, your dog loves sleeping in your bed, but he'd love a space of his own. If he doesn't already have a dog house, you can DIY one just for him. Add a few of his favorite toys and the softest bed for the ultimate surprise.

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    Take a Long Car Ride

    Dog at car window
    Dog At Car Window

    There are few dogs that don't go wild at the idea of a car ride. Instead of saving drives for trips to the vet, take him on a ride just because. Let him sit shotgun, crack the window and drive around until he's ready for his next nap.

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    Visit a Local Dog Park

    Dog running for frisbee in field.
    Dog Running For Frisbee In Field.

    If you're used to letting your dog run around your fenced backyard, a change in scenery is a great way to help him practice self-care. Go online to research local dog parks and find one that suits your pup's personality. Whether he likes agility courses or hours of fetch in open fields, there's probably a public place where he can run to his heart's content.

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    Spoil Him With a New Toy

    Retriver with a ball.
    Retriver With A Ball.

    What dog doesn't go crazy for a new toy? Whether it's a massive box of brand new tennis balls or an innovative dog toy he's never seen before, surprising your dog with the gift of play is a great way to bond with your best friend and keep him entertained and engaged.

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    Have a Play Date

    Group of dogs standing in the park, United States
    Group Of Dogs Standing In The Park, United States

    If yours is a single-dog home, consider arranging play dates for your furry family member. Dogs are pack animals, and while you are his pack, introducing a few new friends of his own kind can be a great way to keep him socialized and let him burn off his energy.

No matter what the occasion, spoiling your pup is a great way to bond with your furry friend and bring a little more joy into his life.